About BC2 Branch

Death From Above general

Clan motto: Professional teamplay in a casual and mature atmosphere

Minimum age: 18
Average age: 25
Member count: Check the roster

Nationality: Global
Language: English

Official blog: Blogspot link
YouTube channel: YouTube link

Games: Battlefield Bad Company 2 + Vietnam, Company of Heroes + Opposing Fronts + Tales of Valor

Being a member
The responsibilities coming with joining the clan are not many. It's simply a way to stay a little more organized, as in agreeing on dates when we will do practices matches against each other, and occasionally participate in tournaments, ladders and individual clan matches for those in the clan who wish to do so. You can join the clan just to enjoy the game you're playing with some friends, or if you wish also participate in competitive play every now and then. Either way you can be a member of DFA, provided you are a good teamplayer and meet the requirements of the branch to which you apply.

In summary: the purpose of the clan is to enjoy the game(s) with good teamwork and fun in a mature and casual atmosphere.

Bad Company 2 branch

Platform: XBox 360
Founded: March 2010

Games: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 + the Vietnam expansion (optional), members free to play secondary games
Gametype: Softcore primarily, some of us play hardcore occasionally

Originally a Battlefield Vietnam clan, "Death From Above" refers to the good old days of flying Hueys and Phantoms over the treetops while listening to the in-game radio. Naturally the clan has followed the development of the Battlefield series and is therefore now a Battlefield Bad Company 2 clan with the BFBC2: Vietnam expansion.

Recruitment video

Our recruitment policy (link)

Our focus
DFA is all about good teamplay and player skill, combined with a laid-back and casual environment. Meaning that members should aim at being as good as they can at their class(es), but most importantly enjoy the game and play fair with a team of mature comrades. After all we're playing the game for fun, but we don't have fun losing and so we make sure never doing so, both in casual and competitive games.

Location and communication
We're located all over the western world, from North America to Europe, from Australia and New Zealand to Asia, but we are all experienced in communicating in english, and we always do. Being on opposite sides of the globe has proven not to be much of a problem, especially during the weekends.

When playing online we always use the the XBox Live party function so that multiple squads can communicate through the same channel.

For more information, please refer to the "Competitive" information page on our blog by clicking here.

  • You need to be a good teamplayer
  • You need to be able to kick back, relax and have fun with fellow clan members
  • You are free to play other games as well, as long as you continue playing BC2 occasionally
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