Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Monday, June 6, 2011

This Weeks Matches

Fragged Nation
  • DFA KOS (3) vs xTCAx (1
  • DFA STG(4) vs TG Jokers (0)

DFA Special Tasks Group won the Squad Rush Knockout Tournament on May 31

Not A Fragged Nation Match
  • DFA KOS (6) vs DFA BHD (0)

(BC2) MGtournaments rush tournament
  • DFA(2) vs ISK(0) *
*BREAKING NEWS - Shortly after the battle between DFA and ISK forces subsided, reports came in of rip in the time space continuum over a snowy pass in the northern Rocky Mountains. A lone worker who had been stationed at the pass was experiencing diarrhea caused by a McDonald's milkshake when 14 World War Two soldiers appeared in the pass. All were armed with American WW2 era weaponry and fought each other to the death. The man who had survived the battle in a bathroom stated that he heard both Russian and American voices, but it cannot be determined if this was simply a delirium of his diarrhea.

The event is still being investigated by Physicists, WW2 experts, and Diarrhea researchers from the world over.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Saturday June 4th at 20:00 UTC


Hardcore Rush 12v12
Maps: Any
Best 2 out of 3

Match Topic
How to Tell Time

Monday, May 16, 2011

This Weeks Matches

(BC2) FraggedNation squad rush tournament
  • DFA FILO vs TG Jokers, 4 - 5
  • DFA FILO vs TG Golden Eagles, 5 - 3
  • DFA FILO vs DFA KOS, 5 - 6
  • DFA STG vs B4L, 2 - 4
  • DFA STG vs TG Iron Horse, 6 - 0
  • DFA STGvs TG Golden Eagles, 5 - 4
To see the tournament overview, click here.

DFA FILO vs TG Jokers

To access the DFA YouTube channel, click here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drastic measures.

Due to increasing lack of reliability in CSM members for the last few weeks drastic measures have been taken. For CSM to operate we must have active and reliable members or we shall continue to experience what we did today where we had a 12v12 clan match which has been scheduled and on the books for a month, yet (barely)5 people showed up when there were once 12+ confirmed attendees.

So, instead of letting this trend continue on and get worse, before they take our precious bodily fluids, there has been a great purge. EVERYBODY, literally EVERBODY has been removed from the CSM roster and usergroup. To sign back up head over to the Operations Room and register on the CSM Roster. I'm not going to link it here, consider it an exercise, the first step back to success.

If you were in a good and reliable squad, recreate it. The individual squad forums are still there with their names and match/tactics threads. If your squad sucked, now is the perfect opportunity to create/find a better fit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Barbecue Time

On Saturday the 30th of April the forces of BUD and DFA clashed once more on Battlefields the world over. Both sides took extra time to gather needed strength before the initiation of hostilities due to a disappointing lack of expected troops. We aren't yet sure who fired the first shot, but we believe that a chemical agent was in play which caused a loss in sanity for the ground soldiers in Laguna Praisa. Both faction's ground teams slaughtered each other wholesale, friend and foe alike, laughing like giddy schoolchildren before the sad spectacle was brought to an end when commanders elected to detonate remote charges planted on the local dam, thereby flooding the battlefield and euthanizing their once proud troops.

Mere miles from the Peru-Chile border both sides fought they're fiercest and most even skirmish in the sandy port of Arica. DFA forces made sharp work of initial enemy fortifications but quickly became bogged down when the fight transitioned to the urban terrain of Arica proper. BUD tank aces were on hand and proved to be viscously effective despite the close house to house nature of the densely built town but DFA was tenacious, ultimately destroying or disabling all BUD armor and working their way through the town. Further engagements at the port were similarly brutal but DFA once again proved their might. When asked about DFA's turn on defense, the only comment we received from a DFA force commander was "We had our heads up our asses." Powerful stuff.

Given it's strategic importance White Pass always sees heavy fighting. DFA's assault on BUD positions was bloody but once the warehouse strong-point was successfully sacked DFA forces moved slowly but effectively through the intricacies of house to house combat. DFA forces put up an inspiring defense against BUD counterattack at the previously mentioned warehouse. Despite several perimeter breaches and close calls (one MCOM was lost) DFA forces held the line. A short but decisive engagement took place in the jungles of Valparaiso with DFA air assault forces and snipers making their presence known to the enemy through successful raids on MCOM after MCOM. A BUD counter-assault failed to materialize as enemy forces routed from the field.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

This week's DFA matches

(BC2) FraggedNation squad rush tournament
  • DFA FILO (4) vs TG Golden Eagles (5)
  • DFA STG (6) vs TG Devil Cats (0)
To see the tournament overview, click here.

DFA FILO vs TG Golden Eagles

(BC2) MGtournaments rush tournament
  • DFA (3) vs The Bud Clan (1)

To access the DFA YouTube channel, click here.

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