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Competitive Squad Member

In DFA, CSM stands for Competitive Squad Member and means just as it sounds, these guys play to win. CSM is for full members of DFA who are seeking something more challenging, a thirst for a real opponent, maybe you are seeking more controlled tactical environments, some want to be part of an even closer, more tight-knit group within DFA itself. CSM squads regularly get together for in-squad practice sessions which might be a night of practicing how to best use vehicles, going head to head against other CSM squads in a skirmish, or participating with other squads in a full scale clan on clan battle.

If this sounds appealing to you sign up to the CSM roster roster here. Now the engaging part begins, you now need to find your squad mates. The first, most important factor you should consider when seeking a good squad match is whether or not you frequently play with them. A matching schedule is the cornerstone of a solid squad; the system simply doesn't work otherwise. Next, consider the squad's personality. Every squad is different, some emphasize specific tactics and some are about raw skills. Other's are a buddy unit who enjoy casual insults, obscure references, and can read each others freakin' minds. Each is really more of a combination thereof, but like a wizard finding his wand, once you've found your real match, sparks fly, magic happens, and bad guys get hurt.

CSM Squads


CSM Squad 1


CSM Squad 2 - Special Tasks Group

 We fight with our heads.... which we keep in our asses


 CSM Squad 3 - First In Last Out

We are passionate about rape.No, really,  we really are 

"We'll impregnate you when we rape you, 'cause we're the First In, Last Out (F.I.L.O.)."







CSM Squad 4










CSM Squad 5-Kill On Sight 


We are KOS: Kill on Sight.
We are the “Death” in Death From Above.
We are swift, we are strong, and we are on the move.
We are the boots on the ground, the driving force of the clan,
The overwhelming cascade of power and might crushing our foes.
We can neutralize any threat and hold any location.
Our members adapt, progress, and evolve.
We breach, we clear, and we are feared.
Get out of our way, or you will be KILLED ON SIGHT!

Casual gamers need not apply.


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