Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy birthday, DFA!

This very day is DFA's 1st birthday. The clan was formed 20th March 2010, and we have only gone one way since then: up. Originally I founded it merely searching for people to enjoy the game with, but now DFA has grown to a member count of over 50 active and mature members, and we have the privilege of having a strict recruitment process. In the end its the members who make up a clan, and DFA is blessed with a fantastic bunch of people that all contribute to the professional, mature and at the same time casual atmosphere we have here.

I would therefore like to thank all of you who comprise DFA's member pool. DFA would be a lesser place without any one of you, and I find myself honoured and lucky to be in such a group of respectable and good people. Thank you all for your membership in DFA, and for making the job as an admin an easy one by being such respectful and integrous people.

You're an inspiration, and I am grateful to have made your acquaintance!


Moliat said...

In addition, our forums reached 10,000 posts last night.

Also, Abahab has his birthday on the same date as DFA, congratulations, Abe!

kevinbrawn said...

Lol Go abe! and go us! :P

joe said...

Happy Birthday to DFA!!

Moliat said...

Thanks to everyone making DFA the great place that it is!

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