Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drastic measures.

Due to increasing lack of reliability in CSM members for the last few weeks drastic measures have been taken. For CSM to operate we must have active and reliable members or we shall continue to experience what we did today where we had a 12v12 clan match which has been scheduled and on the books for a month, yet (barely)5 people showed up when there were once 12+ confirmed attendees.

So, instead of letting this trend continue on and get worse, before they take our precious bodily fluids, there has been a great purge. EVERYBODY, literally EVERBODY has been removed from the CSM roster and usergroup. To sign back up head over to the Operations Room and register on the CSM Roster. I'm not going to link it here, consider it an exercise, the first step back to success.

If you were in a good and reliable squad, recreate it. The individual squad forums are still there with their names and match/tactics threads. If your squad sucked, now is the perfect opportunity to create/find a better fit.


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