Monday, June 6, 2011

This Weeks Matches

Fragged Nation
  • DFA KOS (3) vs xTCAx (1
  • DFA STG(4) vs TG Jokers (0)

DFA Special Tasks Group won the Squad Rush Knockout Tournament on May 31

Not A Fragged Nation Match
  • DFA KOS (6) vs DFA BHD (0)

(BC2) MGtournaments rush tournament
  • DFA(2) vs ISK(0) *
*BREAKING NEWS - Shortly after the battle between DFA and ISK forces subsided, reports came in of rip in the time space continuum over a snowy pass in the northern Rocky Mountains. A lone worker who had been stationed at the pass was experiencing diarrhea caused by a McDonald's milkshake when 14 World War Two soldiers appeared in the pass. All were armed with American WW2 era weaponry and fought each other to the death. The man who had survived the battle in a bathroom stated that he heard both Russian and American voices, but it cannot be determined if this was simply a delirium of his diarrhea.

The event is still being investigated by Physicists, WW2 experts, and Diarrhea researchers from the world over.


Moliat said...

Love the casual event descri... ops, got to go to the bathroom again!

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