Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alright gentlemen, this site is just starting up and they're organizing their first tournament. Here's what they have to say;

We are finally ready for our first tournament. You will find it on our calendar on the home page. We will be closing the registration for the tournament on 3/5/2011. The tournament will begin 3/5/2011. On the opening day of the tournament the battling clan leaders need to make contact with each other and schedule their match. The clans will have 1 week to schedule their match, battle, and post the results. Round 2 of the match will begin 3/12/2011.

This is a practice tournament. If everything goes well, we will finish up the loose ends and go public with M&G. At the conclusion of this practice tournament, the stats will be reset. If you know of other clans that would be interested in participating, please invite them. There will not be any free advertisements other than to the original 5 clans that helped in the testing of M&G.

I've taken the liberty of registering our clan, I need CSM members to sign up under DFA, the steps are simple;

-Go to
-Click Sign Up on the left hand tab.
-Enter your XBL Tag, email, password, and most importantly select DFA on the clan list.
-You're done, you can browse the site and its forums. You just have to wait for me to mosey along and confirm you as a DFA member.

If you aren't in a CSM squad, consider joining up in the Operations Room.


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