Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blatant Propoganda

Earlier today various members of the DFA empire rapidly assembled on short notice to form a resistance force opposing the formidable BUD coalition in glorious battle. Initial engagements were hampered as communications were in disarray. Piecemeal DFA assaults upon the once peaceful South American farms were bogged down and eventually halted by BUD armor superiority as comms were still being established. In the second stage, DFA forces found themselves defending against the continued armored dominance of BUD. Despite whithering tank fire and commando raids resistance members valiantly persevered, achieving ultimate victory through depletion of the enemies reserve units with the loss of only one MCOM station.

As the battle shifted to higher altitudes and freezing weather DFA forces fought ferociously in house to house combat which made Stalingrad look a Kinderparty. Exhibiting great heroism and utmost bravery resistance members held out to the bitter end, fighting to the last man. Throwing themselves into battle against the hoard of enemy Red Berets, no building was left intact by the end of the conflict, victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat when enemy tickets ran out moments before the destruction of the final MCOM. Reversing the situation DFA forces rapidly stormed through the claustrophobic alleyways carving a vengeful and bloody swath through enemy lines dispatching opposition with relative ease.

Final engagment took place in the Panamanian jungles against a slightly weakened BUD opposition. Hostile forces compensated for their weaker number with expansive minefields and aggressive commando infiltration of resistance HQ. In the end however clever hostile resistance was overturned by the mighty DFA juggernaut which was now in full steam and completely unstoppable.

For those brave servicemen who fought so hard, we salute you and we apologize for disrupting your know who you are.


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