Friday, March 11, 2011

Changes to advanced tactics development and deployment

There have been made some important changes to the tactics development section of DFA's competitive branch. These include a separation between the general and basic tactics available to the public, while the advanced tactics DFA has and will develop and employ will only be available to our members.

While DFA has always been one of the stronger clans on the battlefield due to our high levels of team play, the competitive branch has only been using a generalised set of frequently recurring tactics. While we have won almost every engagement up to now, we have decided to make the competitive branch more professional.

Active servicemen, ex-military and purely civilian clan members alike will now participate in the development of advanced tactics, both situation-specific and map-specific ones, provided they have signed up for the optional CSM (Competitive Squad Member) system available to all members.

The core of the forum announcement:
The ultimate goal of the CSM branch is fielding a team of critical thinkers and individuals fighting as cohesive units who know the right and left of our every employed tactic, and who fight under the command of squad captains who administrate the broader picture on the field. The squad captains will be skilled leaders who can choose a strategy and manouver, and have the team execute it by heart.

If you are a member of DFA and:
  • wish to read the forum announcement as it contains important information on some new sub-forums, click here.
  • wish to sign up for the competitive branch, sign up here.


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